About me

Me checking the router

I’m Aaron Moore. A professional furniture maker and  designer living and working on the North Coast of Cornwall. I make unique furniture, and other things, from quality materials for clients from my premises. I also have a passion for making tools.

Some time ago I spent many years in East Africa teaching rural artisans how to make the tools they could not afford to buy. When I returned to the UK I realised that the future of design and craft lay in digital technology, so over the last ten years I have been learning about computer aided design and manufacture and building digital tools for my own use. I now have a CNC Router, a Laser Cutter and I’m in the process of building a large-scale 3D printer. Most of the the things I make in my studio workshop now have a digital element to their construction.

Environmental benefits

Digital tools allow complicated things to be made accurately and efficiently. Small scale digital manufacturing has the potential to be more environmentally friendly than a centralised system. Goods can be made locally for local markets using locally available materials which in turn creates more self-reliant communities. Products can be tailor-made to an individual’s needs at a tiny extra cost and because they are bespoke people acquire a personal attachment to the products, making them less likely to end up in land-fill.

All the timber I use is from sustainable sources, while the plastic I use is recycled. Much of my work is assembled using reusable fixing which allows the pieces to be easily shipped and repaired (by simply ordering new parts) or if necessary, recycled.

Down Loads

Dotted around the site you may find some designs that can be made using a CNC Router or a Laser Cutter local to you. Enjoy!

Exhibitions & presentations featuring my work

  • ‘Maker Movement’ presentation at The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, Falmouth 2016
  • “All Makers Now?” Falmouth University, Cornwall, July 2014
  • “100% Design” Exhibition Centre, Earl, London, September 2009
  • “Eco Home” The Geoffrye Museum, London, October 2009
  • “Re-Design 05 Exhibition” Dray Walk London, September 2005
  • “Buckinghamshire Crafts” Exhibition, Olney, Bucks , August 2000
  • “Changing the Furniture”, Hampshire Museums, August 1999
  • “Creativity in Furniture Exhibition” Walford Mill, Dorset, March 1998
  • “Enchanted Priory” , Marcham, Oxfordshire, July1998
  • “Take a Seat” Exhibition, Oxford Gallery, Sept 1997n>
  • “Celebration of Craftsmanship Exhibition” Cheltenham June 1997.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pieces I have created. If you would like to work with me in future, I’d love to hear from you. Just email me here: aaronmoore@linuxmail.org