Compost Toilet

I have now completed a compost toilet for the use of all you lucky makers. Situated around the back of the workshop it is composed of two large plastic bins a urine separator and a tank. Pee is separated and collected in the tank and used as an accelerator for garden compost and the poo is collected in the first bin for a year and then then swapped with the second bin. The waste in the first bin is left to decompose for a year and will then be used as compost for the tree nursery, and the bin returned to the position under the toilet seat.

Compost toilets have huge environmental benefits. There is no flushing which saves over a gallon of good clean drinking water being wasted and going through the sewage system with all the related energy savings. Then after a suitable period of decomposition the human wast can be used to enrich the soil and prevent vital nutrients being washed into the sea.

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