Digital Crafts Training Hub

Over the last six months a number of digital craft training courses have been held in the new Training Hub. In the autumn of 2018 there was a series of sessions for six young people from the Game Changer Project, an organization that aims to help young people find direction and employment. The sessions included a general introductions to 3Dprinting, CNC routing and laser cutting. They went on to design and make things as diverse as a memory box, a box with drawers to hold makeup, a 3D printed model of a rocket, some Japanese anime characters and a routed name plate.


A recent two day CNC routing course involved the trainee learning the basics of computer aided design,  generating G code to run the router and making a small stool. The second day was then spent designing a coffee table from scratch, laser cutting a scale model and then cutting the full size components with the router.

Another course was held for a jeweler who wanted to learn how digital skills could help with her craft. She mainly concentrated on learning Inkscape, but made  a few laser engravings.

An finally a course for someone who simply wanted to learn about 3D printing

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