Digital Embroidery Machine

The Maker Space now has a very basic CNC embroidery machine that can be used to embroider small designs onto tee-shirts and other textiles items.

The embroidery machine came about because somehow I acquired an extra driver-board when I was converting the laser cutter, and also because I had a cheap old delta 3D printer that I could never get to work properly which had all the stepper motors I needed as well as bearings and belts.

Inkscape, my favorite graphics program has an awesome plug-in called Inkstitch and as you can imagine it turns inkscape graphics into gcode for digital embroidery. Also on the inkstitch website is a DIY Embroidery machine that uses an old sewing machine. Most of the parts for the machine are 3D printed and all the stl files and information needed for the build can be found on the inkstitch website as well as some very helpful forum members. The prints and assembly are pretty straightforward. The biggest problem I had was getting the old sewing machine to play nicely, but it is slowly becoming more cooperative.  Hopefully some of you makers out there will find a use for it.

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