Jeff with bust made at extended MakerSpace

Extended MakerSpace Sessions

AKA the Skinners Bottom Academy of weired woodwork

Photogrammetry project.

Back in the end of last year Jeff came to a MakerSpace to learn the basics of CNC routing. He contacted me later and wanted to CNC carve a relief of his nephew. He had already made a 3D model by using photogrammetry (software that can build a 3D model from photographs of an object taken from multiple angles). It took a few hours but we managed to carve the relief shown on the left. A few months later Jeff returned with a digital 3d model of a bust. This we cut from a 150 x 150 x 200 block of lime on a rotary axis attachment I had made. It took the best part of 12 hours and there were a few anxious moments but result, I hope you will agree, is pretty impressive.

 [foam] Kernow Pattern Matrix

Over July and August Amber Griffiths from [foam] kernow has been learning woodwork at Skinners Bottom in order to build a wooden frame for their on going pattern matrix project. She has learned the basics of joinery using hand and machine tools and produced the wedged mortise and tenoned frame pictured below.  She has also got to grips with  the laser cutter and the CNC router in order to make the magnetized tokens that control the system.  The prototype is being tested and hopefully more frames will be made for an exhibition in Europe.

Amber working on '[foam]' loom project. MakerSpace Project









The pattern matrix is a tangible weavecoding system for exploring the connections between code and weave. An extremely interesting project that aims to illustrate the incredibly complex mathematics developed by weavers, who were predominantly woman, over  many centuries, and how many of these mathematical concepts are used in modern day computer science.

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