Combining traditional craftsmanship with digital manufacturing technologies


I create unique furniture, and household objects, using quality materials in the workshop I renovated from an old stable block . I make one off  ‘bespoke’ pieces for individual clients, and I also have a range of  ‘in house designs’ that have been developed over a number of years.

In House Designs

These designs have developed from my interest in digital manufacturing, for production runs of up to 50 in my own workshop. I have aimed for simplicity and elegance in the design and construction of each piece, as well as being mindful of environmental considerations.



 Re-Form Chairs

These chairs are constructed from a sturdy solid oak frame with a post industrial recycled plastic sheet used  to make the back and the seat.  They are durable, easy to clean, can be stacked up to 3 high, and come in a range of colors.  All parts are bolted together for easy repair or recycling

w: 56cm, d:45cm, h:75cm

Price: £275.00

Re-form chair red-detail. Designer/maker: Aaron Moore
Re-form Chairs at the Eden Project. Designer: Aaron Moore


Tetra tables

A range of solid wood side tables in two sizes.  The solid oak legs and joints are turned on a computer controlled lathe and all parts are bolted together for self assembly and easy transport.

dia:53cm, h:58cm.  Price: £300

dia:60cm, h:65cm.  Price: £350

Tetra Table, ash and recycled plastic.
Tetra Table, oak and recycled plastic.
Tetra table detail



These tables  are cut from a single sheet of 18mm birch plywood and finished in oil.  All the pieces clip together without the use of any fixings  Easy assembly and disassembly.

l: 90cm w: 90cm h: 72cm

Price £275.00

The design for this table can be downloaded here

Pop-up Table complete
Pop-up table complete
pop-up disassembled

Bespoke Designs

All the pieces in this section have been designed and made for private clients. Commissioning a piece of furniture is a collaborative process that starts with making decisions about style, budget, materials, and settings. I will then develop some initial ideas and, after more discussions, a final design will be worked up.  This could be in the form of computer models, renderings, physical models or even a full scale mock up.

Office Desk
Office Desk
Chair in laminated cherry: Designer/Maker Aaron Moore
Small desk in pear: Designer/Maker Aaron Moore
Chest with seven drawers: Designer/Maker Aaron Moore
Large desk in maple and mahogany: Designer/Maker Aaron Moore
Dining table in oak: Designer/Maker Aaron Moore
Garden chair in steam bent oak: Designer/Maker Aaron Moore
Chaise long in steam bent ash and recycled plastic: Designer/Maker Aaron Moore
Weave Table in ash. Designer: Aaron Moore
Weave table detail
Display Case Leach Gallery: Designer/Maker Aaron Moore
Weave table disassembled
Folding chair in Titanium, leather and wood: Designer/Maker Aaron Moore

Once we are  happy that all the details have been worked out making can begin and when complete the piece will be installed. The whole process can take several months depending on how large or complex the commission is. If you are considering getting a piece specially made, please email me with a brief description of what you would like, and then we can arrange a meeting.