Laser Cutter

In 2015 I built a laser cutter based on the Lasersaur, an open source hardware project developed by Nortd Labs. It will cut fabric, paper, card, fabric, leather and wood up to 9mm thick and engrave on all the above as well as glass, stone and metal. It has a working area of 1100 x 600mm and an 80 watt tube. It’s a pretty incredible piece of kit, even if I do say so myself.

For those of you that are comfortable talking tech, it accepts files in the form of .svg and and dxf and works with many free art generating software applications including Inkscape  and librecad

There are 3 ways we can create your product:

  1. If you have a rough sketch of what you’d like, I can use this to create the design for you
  2. If you’ve created a design file I can use this to create the product.
  3. Or if you’re feeling more ambitious, after an initial induction with me you can try to cut the piece yourself.

I charge just £30 per hour for cutting and CAD work and £15 per hour for customer use, so the specialist, quality product creation is very affordable.

Here are examples of some of the things I have made:


And here are a few things you can download and make at your local makerspace. No guarantee or warranty etc etc.