Online Courses

Covid 19 has changed the way most of us live and work and nobody really knows when or how normality will return. What it has shown us is the importance of both global collaboration and developing resilient communities. For a number of years now CNC Craft has been promoting the use of digital manufacturing technology as a way of improving skills, manufacturing capability and creativity in the local community through Maker Space and training sessions. Since the pandemic began we have developed ways of working online using video conferencing software allowing participants and trainer to interact face to face, to share computer screens and even control machinery remotely. Together we can work on CAD skills and design practice and as your designs are finalized the files can be emailed to me and a video camera used to show the machines in action as they make your products. Two successful courses have already been held and many more are scheduled for the next few months. See my training hub page, or go to Eventbrite where you can book courses. These images from recentĀ  routing course and laser cutting course show what is possible using remote teaching.


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