Finished clogs

The Open Clog Project

This project aims to make freely available the 3D models and techniques to make open-backed, wooden-soled clogs using digital tools. Most shoes contain various types of plastic. Clogs are cool, comfortable, and made from sustainable materials. The clogs described here are made using a CNC router to carve the wooden sole, and the last which is used to form the leather for the uppers. The molded leather is then trimmed by hand and nailed to the sole with small upholstery nails. All the files and a full description of how to make them can be downloaded as a zip file from HERE, although they are for only one size, and the files will have to be scaled to make clogs bigger or smaller. It is hoped that others will contribute with files for other sizes and we can build up a downloadable collection.









The files for the wooden soles and the lasts were modeled in Blender and exported as stl files.  You will have to use a gcode generator like BlenderCam to make the 3D toolpaths for your CNC router to carve these shapes in blocks of timber like beach, alder of ash.


These images show a last and a pair of wooden soles after they have been cut on the CNC router cleaned up.  Notice the piece of wood screwed to the bottom of the last. This is a sacrificial piece that can be replaced when it has been damaged by too many nails







I used 2.5 mm thick Veg Tan leather which has to be soaked in warm water and molded tight over the lasts, nailed in position and left to dry overnight.










Once the leather upper has been carefully trimmed to fit over the ledge cut into the sides of the wooden sole, it can be nailed in place using small upholstery nails. Finally they back of the leather upper will have to be trimmed and sole rubber glued to the sole to prevent them wearing down too quickly.


And that’s it. Slip them on and try out your first clog dance steps.If you need some inspiration check out;

If you enjoyed this tutorial and have made some clogs please let me know. And if you have any comments, suggestions, or 3D models for new sizes it would be great to add them to the files.
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Finished clogs

Finished clogs

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